Samsung Galaxy S9-new upcoming smart phone: Release Date,features

Samsung galaxy s9

With the new world, the technology is being renewed every day. Today, we are talking about the latest galaxy s9, which is about to come with a new technology. You know that the Samsung galaxy s9 is the biggest flagship to come next. Also, this new Samsung Galaxy S9 will be visible to us in the early part of 2018, that is, soon to be seen. The Samsung galaxy s9 is a complete flagship in the Samsung s serious first of all to correct the mistakes of the Samsung galaxy s8. So, we hoped to get the galaxy s9 upgraded with the newest advanced technology.

This new phone looks and exciting high-speed rumors for the feature, so we’ll disperse you to get the information you need to know this coming phone, as well as answer some of the main questions.

About Samsung galaxy s9

The Galaxy S9’s retail-like image display features a variety of possibilities, including stereo speakers and variable-pitch cameras. It also reveals that the phone will now be run through the FCC, as it will assist the main LTE bands.

What is the date of the release of Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung Electronics in the mobile phone division of Samsung. Koh Chairman, Koha confirmed the ZDNet that in an interview, and in February this year, the Galaxy S9 will be available at a trade show.

The release of the Galaxy S9 is scheduled to begin in February 2018, but it really is a bit low when it comes to shopping windows. We can predict that in a particular location it can be sold in March, but we may need to touch further.

In February, only one major advertising for mobile phones is Samsung’s MWC, which is traditionally unveiled by Samsung in its traditional mobile phone.

Samsung last year broke from the MWC, and its launch to launch the Galaxy S8, but seems to be coming back to the next generation mobile phone. All of this will begin on February 26th, and Samsung will usually go a bit farther than the gates that open, and we can see it on Sunday, February 25th.When the phone slips down, it’s usually fair to announce Samsung’s announcement of its cell phone a few weeks after the announcement, and it will have to be landed in some place in March of the release of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung galaxy s9 purdah

Hot leakage :

  •   It will include a purdah scanner.
  •  It will include a Liquid soap coating.
  •  It will include a 5.8 inches QHD + purdah.

In the latter part of March 2017, Samsung had worked hard for Samsung Galaxy S9 on show windows, Bell reported. The truth is, usually six months ago.

The screen will appear on the screen. It’s doubtful that the Galaxy S8 18.5: 9 aspect ratio is retained. The Galaxy S8 comes in 5.8 inches, one inch 5.65 inches. It continues the intense curve and Samsung’s Super AMOLED and continues to provide a visual visibility and good change. The Galaxy S9’s retail box shows a 5.8-inch QHD + Super AMOLED display. As well as, Rumors spread which is The biggest difference is the screen fingerprint scanner. Specifically, the new Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor can fit into a fairly solid display and OLED technology (used in leading handsets). Synaptic has also published an on-screen scanner, known not only to OLED but also as “endpoint display” (Samsung S8 screen), which is used by a leading smartphone. They all come to the Samsung Galaxy S9, with fingerprint technology below the glass. Again, there is no one screen scanner on one of the typewriter cards, and in another recent report, the feature still does not work. However, Samsung has licensed a new glass coating technology that will allow Smartphones to be drained by 2016. Samsung plans to include this phone in this lightweight mobile phone. So it’s easy to use in the S9 rains.

Design of Samsung galaxy s9

Hot leakage :

  • it will include a Smaller bezel.
  • it will a Folded Fingerprint Scan.

Recently we have visualized videos and rendered images Samsung Galaxy S9, and they show a device that looks like a Samsung Galaxy S8, but some rumors have suggested with the fingerprint scanner underneath the lens (but not on the screen).Design of Samsung galaxy s9

Both front and back looking to use a bent window, these baffles are small, with a 3.5mm Handphone Port as well as a Bixby button?

You can not tell these images, and the Galaxy S8 is actually smaller than the Galaxy S8, which is usually small. The S9 has a 90% screen-proportionate ratio. It’s about 84% of the Galaxy S8.

Of course, with that specimen leak, the image appears slightly shorter than the Galaxy S9 S8, but will otherwise be displayed, however, as the pictures above are moving under the camera. The screen at the bottom of the screen may be the latest option to ask if there is a design. Unlike the phone, not the top corner but the bottom corner. That theory is based on patents, but patents are often not used. So it can not happen.

One eagle teller said the figure below shows that the Galaxy S9 is without a fingerprint reader near the camera’s website. Looking at the site and considering many of the conceptual reflections on the future Samsung mobile phones described on the Exynos 9810, we believe that the Galaxy S9 is not accurately represented. The Galaxy S9 is a creation of a gadget that can be used with hard drives (batteries, large lenses or anything else) with the magnets, and the Model Mods. One source has so far mentioned this ability, so we took it with a large salt bunch, but it is true if S9 is a major selling point.

The small designer Galaxy S9 can come in a new color scheme. Recently, we’ve seen another leak in to show another phone, and we seem to be able to believe what we’ve heard so far.

Teward’s attempt: We might expect S8 for such a plan, but it may be with small sizes and replaced fingerprint scanners. Creation of the module is very difficult.


Camera quality of Samsung galaxy s9

Hot leakage :

  •  it will include a single lens camera
  • And it will include a 3D face scanner.
  • As well as, it will include a variable aperture camera.

When it comes to the camera, Smartphone S9’s video image stabilization has a 12MP dual-pixel lens. It may have Galaxy S8, as well as a more highlighted variable f / 1.5-2.4 socket. That means switching between f / 1.5 (low-light) and f / 2.4. (When the light is good and it needs to focus more on photography). This rumor, which leaked the Galaxy S9’s leaked box, and, It is also a super speed camera with an 8MP front-facing camera and a “super slow” module. According to industry sources, at the last Camera quality of Samsung galaxy s9

the moment, we hear the noise we hear, working on a back camera capable of shooting up to 1000 frames per second, and now it would be better off by phone than anything else in the market.

Usually, we feel that the Galaxy S9 is an updated camera system. There are differences between the S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus cameras, which have a dual-tip optimizer with an S9 plug and a single lens of the S9. On the other hand, the back of the leak for the Galaxy S9, there is not enough cut-off for the camera lenses. Based on the leak, the bottom of the cutter will leave a fingerprint scanner, but you never know.

However, Samsung can offer a new way to lock your phone. There is a Galaxy S9 ‘3D touch camera’ with the @UniverseIce leaker. It does not explicitly mean what they mean, but it’s much like the iPhone X’s face system. It is used to identify your faces to lock the phone. The 3D section suggests that it does not fool with an image like Apple’s solution. Since the information is limited, we do not take into consideration this feature, but we will not control it.

While there are characteristics and features of the new cameras, there are also many variable screen cameras that can be used to change the three-dimensional scanner, but many evidence suggests there is no Galaxy S9 dual-lens camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 battery

Hot leakage :

* A bigger, powerful and efficient battery.

We did not hear most of the battery news. But the big chipset can be a larger battery than one. According to one report, Samsung has a substrate-PCB technology and the Exynos Chipset manufacturer allows the use of more batteries without increasing the size of the processor.Galaxy S9 battery

This will not override the additional battery SmartCam Snapdragon-toting Galaxy S9, but it can mean great improvements for those who get the version of Exynos.

However, the efficiency of the new chipsets should help the battery to extend any model. Microsoft S8 is already playing it, because not only is a wireless charging, but also a retail button (high) displays.

Samsung may often be concerned about packing a large battery into the phone that provided what happened with Note 7. But there is a slight increase.

Samsung Galaxy S9 operating system (OS ) and power

Hot leakage  :

  •  it will include an Exynos 9810 chipset or Snapdragon 845.
  • With, 4GB RAM

SmartCom has announced the Snapdragon 845, and the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will become stronger.

It typically has a 2 to 4GHz actuated central chip, delivering a fast core performance of 30% faster than the fastest cable of Cylinder 835. AI configuration and graphics functionality has improved and power consumption has been reduced.

Samsung Galaxy S9 operating system (OS ) and power

As well as, It is capable of downloading an HD movie within 10 seconds, which is LTE modem with a fast download speed of 1.2Gbps anyway.

However, it seems that we can not get 6GB of smartphones. Many of the smartphone brands (especially the Asians) so much. Instead, it is much more sensitive to 4GB specs than Samsung.

It has been reverted to recent benchmarks for the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. It’s listed the Exynos 9810 chipset, it can be used, and Android Oreo is less than expected to get the actual score taken by the mobile phone. Therefore, the listing is fake. However, we have 4 GB RAM again. From other sources, the S9 plus is about 6GB, and the standard S9 is 4 GB. 64GB or 128GB are stored. The 4GB Cuba also appeared in the photo above.

There are many factors that seem to be an uncomplicated factor in 4GB of RAM. We can be more permanent if you have the Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 chipset (based on where you are) and Android Oreo.

Other Features of Samsung Galaxy S9

Hot leakage  :

  • Advanced Irish Scanners
  • as well as, Stereo speakers.

If Samsung Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 is up, it has increased up to 3MP (2MP to 2MP or 2MP) and is clear from the latest estimates and you can identify your eyes, even if you have a mirror or light. On S8 will appear faster.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has good sounds because of the rumored rumors of the smartphone with the Smart DVD and Bluetooth for the AKG headphones. Both of these things are now listed on a cell in a cell phone.

The Galaxy S9 has now been passed through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), which we have learned that we will produce all the major LTE classes and it in Vietnam. The picture above is the first to share in Vietnam. So this can be more accurate.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S9

We also see a Samsung patent license for a sensor that analyzes atmospheric gas analysis.

Plus, one source also will have a Dex Docking reboot, Galaxy S8 with Galaxy S8 with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, allowing it to work like a footprint and to type on the screen. You will not need to use your keyboard and mouse when connecting your phone to the module.

There is also evidence that there may be a Galaxy S9 Dial-in System. As one of the factories and MIITs has stated, it may be limited to some parts of Asia.

Apart from monitoring the corruption, these are all the features that are reliable, and Iii Scanner improvements are particularly noticeable.

You will soon be able to see the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone set up with this advanced technology.


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