can’t believe?? Ancient Electricity and Our Ancestors

One of the basic needs of the people in the modern world, of course, is water, food, and clothing such as electricity. Without the help of electricity, it has been integrated into human life so that nothing can be achieved. But it was not the past. There were no electrical appliances operated by people and they did not know of such power. But what we have said is “true”? Did not our ancestors know about power? Not only have people inquired about such curious things from their past but also tried to find out. According to these searches, the ancients do not know about electricity. That’s why we need to talk about it.

As historians and independent researchers believe, the ancient civilizations of the world are more technologically superior than we know ourselves. According to them, certain civilizations knew not only the electricity but also used it for their daily life. Research has shown that there are several such factors that can be considered as prominent.

Balal Samin’s electric generator

Our ancestors have come to know that they are aware of static electricity. But they have not been able to fully understand it. They saw that when a certain cat caught some cracks in the dark room, it was spilling out a spat. They also have a relationship with God. The first written evidence of static electricity is static electricity. Between 624 – 546, the writings of a Greek philosopher Thales Miletus. He has mentioned that he had done research on electricity with a cat dog. He has built a simple machine with two wheels for that research. One wheel was covered with a leather cover, and the other wheel covered with rocks such as glass. The wheel was fitted with a golden shawl. Then, when they face the two wheels, turning them to the opposing edges, they have dug out a few inches of static electric sparkles from the metal sheet.

Electricity, medical treatment

Electricity is an electricity generating potential of up to 600 v. The ancient Egyptians have mentioned in their writings an electric cats fish. According to various sources, Greek and Roman people have understood these animals and they have also been raised. According to Emperor Claudius about 47 CE, electricity generated by these fish could cure various diseases. These fish rays have been used to treat the bruising of the sufferers and to chafe for the head of the head. If this is true, they are the first to have ‘shock therapy’. As recently as 2009, doctors in Boston have experimented with the healing of the headache of the brain, called a migraine, by the electric current.

Baghdad Electricity

In 1938, Wilhelm Konig, a director of the Iraqi Museum, found a number of curious studios made from ceramic tiles made in the conservatory. Each one is about 13 cm in length and 3 cm in height above the top. Each of these was an open-air copper cylinder with an iron rod. This was similar in every way to a ‘galvanic battery’ (the simple cell that was produced by Luigi Galvani). In 1940, while offering a science thesis, Konig said that using these objects could produce some kind of electric current and that it could be used in gold or silver. Although such an object was rebuilt, and when lime juice was produced, it was doubtful that leading archaeologists have come up with this. This can not be interpreted in more detail than iron and copper. It is believed that these pots were created during the era of a sinful era (AD 224 – 640). Investigations into this are still not completed.

The Pharaoh Lighthouse

The construction of the Pharaoh’s lighthouse hall of 130 square meters belonging to the grandeur of the ancient world can be seen at approximately 280 BCE. This lighthouse was located on a little island off the coast of Alexandria. The lighthouse’s lighthouse was intended to guide the ship by night. The historical accounts testify that the bright light of this was about 30 miles. Except for the light-emitting light, a much more radiant light has been emitted. It was said that one could look at that light blinded by fire and that the flames could have inflamed fire. Researchers say that such a powerful light can be produced with an arc light lamp and a giant concave mirror. If this source is a mystery, it is definitely a mystery, but it surely requires power.

Dendera light

Most people believe that the engravings in the temple of Hathor in the Dendera temple complex of Egypt show that electricity used to generate light. The arches of these carvings (horizontally), lamps that were upside down, lamp posts, large circuits which turned up an isolator, which had been drawn like a snake in the arctic circle. If archaeologists and historians believe that the Egyptian people of this period used electricity, this is the best example of this. Although all of the equipment mentioned herewith appears to be apparent in this painting, many historians, archaeologists, and scholars of Egypt deny the idea of a powerful idea. They say this is a ritual that is used to treat women’s sterility.

Abiodos machines

The ancient Abidus town complex is located about 450 km south of Cairo, Egypt. For several reasons, this is considered to be the most important archaeological site in Egypt. Mainstream archaeologists believe that this is a site of Osiris and aisis.But others believe that there was a civilization with a better development than historians say.The number one of the engravings of the multi-board dashboard on the Seat Dam, number 1, shows the characteristics of a modern aircraft, which is characteristically characteristic of a helicopter and a frigate (an old airship model). But the mainstream archaeologists have noted that some similarities in the shape of the shapes have led some to make such mistakes.

Koso tool

In the United States, the city of Olhança, California, is well-known for its palm collection. Professional and amateur geologists also come to this conclusion. On February 13, 1961, Wesley Lane, Mike Michaels and Virginia Maxi, discovered a strange rock material. Mike Minxel brought it to the house and cut it through a diamond blade. He was impressed by what was in the middle of it. It consisted of a plain white-blue cylinder made of ceramic. The metal contained the middle of the cylinder.

This model compared to the present was the one that we all know spark plugs or spark plugs. An examined professional geologist said this was at least five hundred years old. The geologist was not revealed. This controversy arose some controversy among scientists, saying that there were no springs and that there were only recent boulders that were stuck. For this reason, the finders stopped the exhibition after 1969.

In the places mentioned above, the traditional archaeologists in the world deny evidence that the ancients had an understanding of electricity.  But those with an open mind do not. They think beyond the traditional. But the lack of research on some of the older ones has been lost in the knowledge of electricity and with the past.

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