Grammy gifted me a fake iPhone.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Ha haa…

Once, my grandmother gifted me an iPhone.  I was surprised at first but at the same time I realized that it’s a fake iPhone.  When I unboxing it I couldn’t stop laughing.  They have fooled my grandmother.  How would I say her it.  I might also have been fooled unless I have used 6 iPhones by then. Hope you would like to know how I spotted that it was a fake iPhone.

There are three main ways to check whether your iPhone is genuine or not.

  1. Physical indicators
  2. Performance indicators
  3. System indicators

Physical indicators

  1. Check the Apple logo

You must see the apple iPhone logo on the back of the device. If you don’t see it, it’s a fake iPhone.

But many clone iPhones are so good at imitating the original logo as they have very sophisticated technologies. So it’s not easy to find the differece between real and fake iPhones. But in the real iPhone you can easily rub your finger over the logo. You can feel the logo. But in fake iPhones you won’t feel the same.

  1. Check the type of screw used

Genuine Apple iPhones use pentalobe security screw for all the fittings while fakes use normal cross screws. The pentalobe security screw provides a tamper proof system for the iPhone. So you will be easy to know that the iPhone you are going to buy is genuine is not.

  1. Check the quality of the screen

If the iPhone is genuine it should have a crystal clear screen with high pixel density and full of natural/living colors. Fake iPhones normally come with pixelated dull screens. So you can easily spot it if you have seen an iPhone display before. Latest iPhone (Apple iphone X) has the best screen quality so far.

  1. Check the welcome screen.

If you can’t spot the fake iPhone by looking at its physical features, this may help you. First turn off the phone and then turn on again. If the welcome screen comes with word “Welcome” that’s not going to be a better welcome. Ha haa. If the phone on your hand is a genuine iPhone welcome screen should start with the iPhone logo.

Also you can check whether your iPhone has an iPhone store icon. If it wasn’t there defiantly you are at the wrong place, get out of the shop.  Even though you have it and it directs you to the Google store, you know what it means. It’s fake buddy it’s fake.


  1. Check the fonts used

Fonts are one of the key factors that determine whether your iPhone fake or not.  Many clone iPhones has Chinese fonts on default mode so you have to change settings to enable English fonts. Anyway don’t go that far just don’t buy it.


  1. Check the fittings and buttons

If you got a genuine iPhone, all the buttons and fittings should be on the correct positions.  You will find the sleep button on top right corner while the ringer and volume switches on upper left side of the phone. Many clone iPhones have these buttons in different positions. But still few clone iPhones have these buttons in the correct positions. However, Apple iPhones are extremely well finished phones. So buttons and other physical features should be nicely fitted into the phone. You can press all the buttons repeatedly to see whether they are loose or not. Many clone iPhones come with poor button quality.


  1. No “Dual SIM” feature

“Dual SIM” ha haa… That’s what we need on apple iPhones. But still the original apple iPhone doesn’t come with that feature.  If the iPhone you are going to buy has dual SIM feature, then you know that you are going to buy a fake dual SIM iPhone. Because original Apple iPhone can use one and only SIM card.

The original apple iPhone must0 have a label that says “designed by Apple California & assembled in China”. Without this label. Your phone is a fake.


Performance Indicators

  1. High Camera quality

The genuine iPhone has high quality camera while the fake one has poor quality camera. Genuine iPhones take high quality photos even in the bad light conditions. Also check how the video recorder works before buying an iPhone. It should work properly even when you move the phone fast.

  1. Multi-tasking capabilities

Open multiple applications that you can run in the background (ex: Music player) and see how those application works. If the iPhone is genuine you must be able to run those apps smoothly even though multiple apps are opened.


  1. Quickly scroll between application screens

Try a quick left & right scroll of your home screen. If you see any lagging issue or if it doesn’t support with the fast of your fingers it might be a fake iPhone.


System Indicators

  1. Look for the serial number.

If Apple website didn’t recognize your iPhone serial number, your iPhone is a clone. You can see your iPhone serial number by dialing “*#06#” on your iPhone. If the website said that the code is invalid you’ve got a fake iPhone.


  1. Check for the Internal memory

Genuine iPhones have fixed internal memories such as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB(. But fake iPhones require an external memory card to expand the capacity. So you should have an idea about the internal memory of the iPhone you are going to buy.

  1. Check the operating system.

Genuine Apple iPhone uses iOS as it’s official operating system. So if your phone has any operating system other than iOS, you are looking at the wrong product. Just get out of the shop.


  1. Check for the iTunes recognition

Connect your apple iPhone to your computer and run it with iTunes.  If you got an error message that means iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPhone. So you might have got a fake iPhone.

  1. Built-in applications

Genuine iPhone comes with few built-in Apple applications such as Compass, Calculator, Music etc. If one of them is missing, your iPhone might be a fake product. Just to make sure you have a genuine iPhone you can restore the original firmware. If you see built-in applications still missing then you know you’ve got a clone iPhone.

Also there are few things which expert can say it’s a fake product without unboxing. But it’s hard to explain by words. Please see the video below. Also don’t forget to share and comments if you think it’s worth.


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