What is better?? Galaxy S9 or iPhoneX

As you may or may not know most phone companies compete with other phone companies for which is the best phone produced in that year. iPhone and Samsung are two phone brands popular and used by many people in the world. Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhoneX will two of the most competitive phones in today’s market. The battle between Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhoneX is imminent.       

Samsung Galaxy S9 

Samsung Galaxy S9, in the improvements lists includes the Snapdragon 845 processor. This processor is believed to be more efficient than other processors which they believed to be better processor than the ones they have been using. Due to the Snapdragon 845 it gives benefits such as longer battery life.

There are also rumors and reports that say Samsung have signed deal with Qualocomm which is to be featured Galaxy S9 in the next few more months.


Exynos is also a beneficial CPU included in the Samsung Galaxy S9. Due to the use of Exynos it will be 15% more beneficial to its process. And nevertheless it would also contribute to the power saving system which is really beneficial to the user.

iPhoneX vs Samsung Galaxy S9


So design wise, iPhoneX versus the Samsung Galaxy S9, it has been said that Samsung Galaxy’s designed is believed and agreed that is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. And Samsung Galaxy S9 is a successful phone in the market now.

iPhoneX has a revolutionary change in design and also Apple smart phones. iPhoneX consists of OLED screen which is wrapped around larger than the others. But due to Samsung Galaxy S9 had a work cut out to establish itself it is known as the world’s top mobile phone. Because of the OLED screen iPhoneX’s display looks brighter and delivers a wider screen to the user

Finger Print Sensor

This is a feature that has been able to catch the eye of phone users’. Due to Samsung Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor it has been a big impact on the war of Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhoneX, which is believed to have accomplish the concern of the consumer.

Face ID Response

This feature which was introduced after the arrival of iPhoneX has been an unbelievable and a shocking news for the consumers, which Apple company has decided to use Face ID system as there central security. They have also indicated that Face view ID as the epicenter of recognition.

So this is key feature in the battle between Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhoneX. Due to this Samsung is also trying to improve in this feature. Also adding to it Apple has boast about their Facial ID recognition saying that Samsung would not be able to have Facial ID recognition as iPhoneX.

Dual Camera

Camera is the main feature they battle against, Samsung Galaxy S9 is believed to be more advantages due to having dual camera benefit other than the single camera technology like the other series.  Additional to that they have suggested to increase the mega pixel rating of the camera setting new standards and to be in the top rankings in this year which would help Samsung Galaxy S9 in their battle. They also revealed about the new chip which would offer high resolution image sensors which would be able to capture pictures even in low-light environments’. It would also allow wider depth fields to be captured thanks to the dual camera in Samsung Galaxy S9 which is thought to be a prominent phone. Adding to it as been said it is been believed that the second camera would be able to measure light, depth and distance which would play a huge role when pictures are taken. Also if Samsung contends with Google Pixel 2 it would result in been able take good looking portrait pictures.  

iPhoneX do not possess a dual camera but has delivered rich colors and their camera quality is really high comparing with Samsung Galaxy S9.

So concluding, it has been rumored that Samsung Galaxy S9 would not have a huge update, than the I phone the top phone. And it is also been said that will better display, faster, better camera quality, but will these be enough to be on the top of the list winning the   hearts of the consumers and  it will be consumer’s choice which would be better.


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