Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)

Do you know about? Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)

The common name of the flying objects is named after the pilot named Kenneth Arnold. Indeed, these are now known as “Unidentified Flying Objects” (UFO). Various research has been done on this subject stream. In the meantime, three projects launched by the US Air Force are important. These are Project SIGN, project GRUDGE, and the Project Blue Book. Professor Allen Hynek, the chief adviser to the Blue Book Project, defines unidentified flying objects(UFO). “An object that is ordinary, or scientific, If a light, a moving or staying in the sky is carried out, It is an unrecognized flying object”.

Such a flying object consists of a piece of wood or an egg. As well as, Bright head is on. When the journey begins, no light signals from the Earth are released.Their speed exceeds the speed of sound, rather than the airplane, but the volume of sound that exceeds the sound does not hear the sound emitted by the sound normally heard.Unrecognized Flying Objects

Evidence that alien life came OR Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) 


1) Video clips of flying saucers

Take out images of aliens aircraft and The radar recognition took place around 1947. The evidence of live recording is proven in the 90’s. On December 4, 1994, a video from Alkanes, The recorded video on the 30th of November 1997 also plays a major role. In addition, an event in Mexico on August 6, 1997, is very interesting. According to the video, a large round flying peach is situated near a tall building. This plane is moving and turns to the curtain. But some have the concept that they can be a computer-generated technique. It’ s impossible for these unrecognized floating objects to be true or not.

2) photographs of flying saucers

May 11 in 1950, Experts on two photographs of a farmer in Makminlvila village scrutinized the field. Many thought, Which is a truly photographic act. In 1952, the space object taken by Ralph of the United States, the celestial object was revealed to be a real object, and it was revealed through the computer analysis.

alien life
alien life

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) -The Alien life

If there is a life in a sub-planet or asteroid outside of the Earth, it is called the alien life. These creatures do not have to be great creatures as well. It can be interpreted as the alien life, whether it be life on the deluge of a particle in space. Large molecules that can contribute to structural and functional life can only be made of carbon, boron, nitrogen, silicon, and phosphorus from the elements.

Can alien life be built on the elements, even if the earth’s life is built on carbon?

         Boron elements can comprise limited bonds. Also, the stability of such compounds is low. Nitrogen’s nitrogen molecule makes it easy to decompose, making the nitrogen gas more likely to form a bond so that the stability of the nitrogen molecule is very high. Covalent bonds in crystalline phosphorus have less stability. Therefore, the alien life may not depend on the three elements. Since the periodic table belongs to the same group, silicon can be a good substitute for carbon instead of carbon. But in size, silicon-silicon bonding is not as easy as carbon-carbon bonding, and less stable. However, molecules such as methyl silicon, that make silicon and oxygen have a good foundation for alien life. Also, for biological reactions, an aqueous medium is required. Therefore, all aliens must contain all alienation to form aliens.

Can aliens come here?


If problems arise when finding the earth from a vast arsenal of alien life,

1) The Distance: The stars that contain intelligent organisms are not nearly in the vicinity of the Earth. The distance to such a star can be tens of thousands of light-years from Earth. Therefore, a huge distance must come from that star from the arrival of the Earth.

2) Age limit: If we come to Earth from a planet that is 100,200 light years from Earth on Earth, we have to spend a long time in space. Problems with which they are issues is that the being of an object of the dead is not so high and it has to bring food to live for a long period.

3) Fuel Limit: When paying in large distances it is necessary to spend a lot of fuel. In additionally, There are problems in the fuel storage. The use of nuclear energy will require a very large amount.

When these factors are drawn away, it ‘s understandable that it is hard for an alien organism to come to earth for so much. With these factors, how do we believe that the alien life of this alien is on earth? It is hard to imagine a manipulation or a truth, that is actually created by humans. Let’s continue this discussion with this curiosity.

What if you see a strange floating object?

strange floating object

Various incidents have been reported around the world about flying saucers and extraterrestrial organisms. Researchers may not have come out of the media, but have a number of other unpredictable events. Many of the reported cases have also contributed to the distortion of the reality by many, due to their uncertainty. If you get lucky to see a flying object you have to follow a procedure you need to follow.

1) Find other witnesses to confirm what you have seen.

2) Try to take a photo or video if you can.

3) Re-evaluate the object and surroundings you observe, and get an accurate understanding of its size and speed.

4) If possible, write down a map of what you saw at a time and write down the map.

5) as soon as possible, Inform non-aware detectors of the incident.

This is a great way to finding out if this curious story is true or not. Knowing whether this is true or not is the major reason why you two are inactive.

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) -Extracurricular search projects

1) set Project

when we talking about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) .. I WANT TO SAY … 1961 in November, a number of radiographers, astronomers, and biologists held a consequence for finding erudite organisms. The well-known scientist Frank Drake presented his famed equation for alien intelligent organisms for the first time at the conference. SETI-Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Since then, the cucumber project has not yet blossomed in various directions. The project was launched through a number of key branches. Some of these branches are the META-Million channel Extra-Terrestrial Asay (Beta-Billion channel Extra-Terrestrial Assay).

2) keta project

The Billion channel extra Terrestrial Assay BETA project, the Planet Earth Society, has begun in the wake of the patronage of a billionaire survivor of the alien species, from the Harvard University’s Paul Horowitz. The objective of the project was to behold all the stars from the equivalent from the equivalent to the 60 degrees north and to the south 30 degrees. This observation was performed by frequencies of 1.4 to 1.72 GHz in a radius of 26 m in Harvard. The keta project was launched in 1985 for these project have been started for the metar project.

How do they come from planets, passing through many light years, how long can they live their life, what kind of life are they, what a living pattern, still curious about the fact that they are still hiding in area 51 , or dealing with human lives. Currently, it ‘s still a secret story. However, this unpredictable vibrant habitat and a long article about the flight of heavenly celts cannot be identified.





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