Ebike: Have you ever thought about buying one?


Have you ever thought about an ebike? Most people don’t. Because many people think ebikes are not economical and not easy to operate and maintain. But after reading this article you will know how economical they are, how easy to maintain, and what are the pros and what are the cons

Do ebikes really cost?

Electric bikes  are much cheaper than you think. Even You can buy a brand new ebike for just $1000. But make sure to try few models personally and to read reviews from previous owners before you spend your money on it. Because you should know what you are getting and not getting for your money.

As everything else, price of the ebikes  also will depend on the brand and the performance of the bike. Generally, a best performing ebike will cost around $3500-$5000.


How fast and how long?

The distance which ebikes can go depends on their battery capacity. But average performing ebike can go 80-95 mile on gentle terrain. Some ebikes can goe even greater distance than some electric cars. But cost of those ebikes are bit higher.

You think cars are much faster than electric bikes?  Think again. Average car speed for urban street driving is around 18mph. Compare to that speed of ebikes are much respectable. The average speed of the ebike is around 15mph.

Charging time too long?

Charging time of an ebike depends on the capacity of the battery as well as ampere value of the charger. Generally 10Ah battery will take around 10hrs with a 1A charger. Also the same battery will be charged in 5hrs with 2A charger. So you can calculate the charging time of ebike battery using following equation.


Is it healthy?

Many people are questioning how riding an ebike is better than riding a normal cycle in health perspective. They always try to argue on the number of calories burn on riding. Yes it’s true!! Riding a normal cycle can burn almost doubled calories than riding an ebike. But they never think about other side effects of normal cycling such as knee pain.  Since ebikes are less damaging to knees & joints it is the best cycling option for old aged people.

Is it fun to ride an ebike?


Since ebikes are supported by powerful motor, you don’t need to put much effort to ride. That means you won’t get tired even in the long journeys. It provides greater air flow with a higher road speed, meaning you don’t get sweat as much, you can ride with same set of cloths you  want to wear to your working place.


Road rules: It’s a bike or a bicycle?

Rules for ebikes are difference from country to country. Some Countries consider ebike as a normal bicycle and allow them to use bicycle lane. But some other countries consider ebikes as motor bikes and allow  them to use bicycle lane by turning off the motor.

In UK you don’t need a driving license to ride ebikes and they are allowed to use bicycle lanes also.

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